Baby Tarn takes form

My hormones are everywhere these days. It’s making my already bad temper worse. One attribute I really hope baby Tarn doesn’t get. Chances are low though, since baby Tarn’s mommy, daddy and grandparents have bad temper. 😦

Just got back good results from my first trimester check up yesterday. Only down side was the wait in the clinic was so long. I’m glad hubby was there with me throughout. If not the nausea would have gotten the better of me and I’d go home grumpy and tired. Surprisingly, I managed to sum up the last of my strength for the day and walk our furkid with hubby after the check up. I don’t think I would have gotten this far without him.

I promised pictures, so here they are!

My 1st Trimester bump

My 1st Trimester bump

Baby Tarn!

Baby Tarn!

You can see our furkid behind me as I take a very bad picture of my bump. I don’t look pregnant, just a little plump. There are roadshow people who come up to hubby and I trying to get us to sign up for wedding packages! I guess I’m not glowing radiantly. haha

The ultrasound scan was so touching yesterday. We could see little baby Tarn stretch and move about in my little womb. I can’t believe I am growing something inside me. I wonder if I am squashing baby Tarn when I curl up when I sleep. But nonetheless, the baby looks so comfortable in that protective womb. I can’t wait to hold my baby in my arms..


The doctor said he should be able to tell us the gender of the baby on our next appointment. I’m so excited! I can finally start thinking of room decor, baby clothes, get fixed on names… In the mean time, while I have not vomited for a few days, I still feel very nauseated. And to add to that, the exhaustion has returned. I almost forgot how tired I felt at the start of my pregnancy until these past few days where I honestly do not feel like leaving the bed. Maybe it was because previously I had to actually get out of bed to go to the toilet to vomit. While vomiting tired me out, I was not as exhausted as I feel now.

We have another house guest coming next week and then I’ll be home alone for a while. The best times of my day is spent snuggling up to hubby and my furkid. Soon, it will be with baby Tarn too!




Taking Advice

The vomiting has lessen since the last I posted. But I’m not holding my breath. The last time I thought I was getting better, it got worse. On the bright side, I went to a wedding with hubby last night and I actually managed to eat without wanting to vomit. I saw a lot of parents with very young babies, one as young as 3 months. He was wailing inconsolably, but you can see that his mom was more than happy to be carrying him and trying to calm him down. πŸ™‚

While talking to a few girl friends of mine, I realised that they all knew more about pregnancy than I do. While hubby and I have been trying for a baby for about a year before we got pregnant, I did not go all the way out and read up on pregnancy journeys. They all knew at which month you can tell the gender of the baby, which weeks the limbs will start to grow, when you’ll start feeling some kick, etc… all just digits and details really that I didn’t bother looking up.

I did get a baby book, but I only look it up when I am unsure of something or when I reach a certain week and want to know what I might be experiencing.

Mind you these girl friends of mine aren’t even pregnant yet. Kinda puts me to shame. I just want to enjoy being pregnant.

When you’re pregnant, people tell you all sorts of things too, like what you should and shouldn’t be eating. Especially the Chinese. We have this belief that you can’t eat foods that are too cooling i.e. watermelon, certain herbs, don’t drink cold water… Well I’m not one to follow such things and that might upset some elderly. They do mean well so I listen and nod when they tell me. But I still eat watermelons and pineapples and drink cold ribena. Mostly because they are actually foods with a lot of vitamins. AndΒ  ribena because I have been vomiting out water a lot; but the ribena seems to stay in.

I’ll probably be hearing more of what I should and shouldn’t be doing, especially when the baby comes out. I’m glad mom and hubby are around to tell remind me I don’t have to listen to all of them. I certainly will not refrain from showering after birth. One thing’s for sure, no one can make me do things I don’t want to do or not do the things I want.

Except for my hubby. He’s the sane one in this relationship.


The Harshness of Pregnancy

It has not been the best of weeks. I had been vomiting for almost a week after almost every meal. Because of that, I have been having constipation too. The other day when I went in for my regular check up, I forgot I had to do a urine test. I drank about 8 glasses of water straight to produce some pee and the moment I stepped out of the car, I vomited like an open tap. It was horrible. After that, it was just vomit after vomit. Before that, I already couldn’t eat much. Maybe a few spoon fulls, about the size of a small bowl of porridge or soup, for dinner.

Just when I thought I was getting better, yesterday I stood by the sink and vomited for a good 5 minutes. It is really tiring.

On the bright side, my dog has been with me through all my moments. He does this thing where he gives me his paw to make me feel better. He’d sit by the toilet bowl with me too. I love this little furkid to bits.


The other day I was talking to my friend who has a friend who was about to deliver. As she was already in the hospital for a few days, I thought she was having a c-section. When I mentioned it, my friend seemed to react to what I said quite badly, like it was a shameful thing to opt for c-section instead of natural birth.

To be honest, I have been thinking about all the options and considering a non-natural birth. So I was quite taken aback. I guess we are still very judgmental towards each other. On the other hand, I know of women who chose c-section and are pro c-section. I guess you can’t please everyone.


I had wanted to share with you some pictures of baby Tarn, but I left them in the office and I’m not in the office today. But I will definitely try to upload some the next time I blog.

Here’s to hoping the nausea goes away soon, now that we are approaching the 12th week. I have heard of stories of people who vomit their whole pregnancy, who vomit nearly every hour that they needed to be hospitalized. I guess compared to them, pregnancy is a breeze for me.


Bulging Belly

This weekend has been a weekend of shopping. We took advantage of the weekend sales and got me some new clothes and a baby bottle set. Ok ok I know what you’re thinking. It’s too early to be buying baby stuff. To be fair, I only bought the bottle set because it was Phillips and was highly discounted. I did not buy any other baby things. It was a mommy shopping trip. πŸ™‚

Physical Changes

I have a little bulge on my belly now. Even though I’m only into my 11th week, i can see it coming out. I think it’s because I already had blubber around my belly before the pregnancy. So now, that blubber bulge is just more obvious. Because of that, I needed to get more clothes.

I’m not a jeans person. My jeans are always too tight in the front and too loose in the back. So I have only 2 pairs I wear to work. Same applies to shorts. So when my bulge got slight bigger, I started unbuttoning the button on top. But when I sit down, it’s still really tight. I didn’t like the feeling, especially since my nausea and bloated-ness has not subsided. The only other clothes I have are skirts that hang on my waist, and dresses that are getting a little too tight.

So mom brought me to this really cool brand and got me some loose fitting dresses. Gosh what a breeze it is to wear them. Nothing tight around me to make me feel even more like puking. I don’t know how you women who still wear normal hot pants and jeans do it. When I was out, I saw so many pregnant women them. I admire you. I really don’t like the feeling of anything hugging me around my belly. It just makes me feel even more bloated.

I needed to get more bras too. Not only because I’m growing, but also because the little doggie has bitten the last few of my bra straps. My wardrobe door is a sliding one. So when he’s in my room and I’m asleep, he’d use his nose to slide open the door and bite whatever he can. Oh well… I cannot be the only one with a bra-biting dog.

My appetite is still bad. I love food but I can’t eat much. I guess it’s good, if not I’d be growing to big too fast, I wouldn’t be able to stop myself. πŸ™‚

Emotional Changes

Nothing much happened of late that made me weepy, or upset. I’m still the same annoying anti-social, cynical little brat that I was before pregnancy. I guess it helps that hubby has been doing his best to accompany me for lunch every workday and bringing me home early so I can rest. If not, by the middle of the work day, my eyes would be tired and droopy and I’d be really grumpy. He’s also been helping me walk the little dog more. So that’s one huge thing off my daily routine.


We have been having a lot of guests lately. Relatives, mostly. I won’t lie. I’m very selective of the people I want to hang out with. It may seem very snobbish. But it’s just that I only feel comfortable with a few people. I don’t do well in social events and may seem a bit of a stuck up. So when mommy and daddy said that we will be expecting more relatives over, I wasn’t too happy. Honestly, all I want to do is sleep, eat, and vomit in peace. To come home to a quite little place where I can shut everything out. Ok ok. You got me. What I really don’t like are difficult house guests. (or maybe I just really enjoy being alone) But I guess that’s what life is about. You can’t always only deal with things you like. There’s another lesson for you, baby Tarn. I hope you don’t pick up my cynicism. πŸ™‚

There is one guest I am looking forward to having though. I haven’t seen my sis in a while and would love to have her over, if only for a week. But that will be another blog post for another time. πŸ™‚