Bulging Belly

This weekend has been a weekend of shopping. We took advantage of the weekend sales and got me some new clothes and a baby bottle set. Ok ok I know what you’re thinking. It’s too early to be buying baby stuff. To be fair, I only bought the bottle set because it was Phillips and was highly discounted. I did not buy any other baby things. It was a mommy shopping trip. 🙂

Physical Changes

I have a little bulge on my belly now. Even though I’m only into my 11th week, i can see it coming out. I think it’s because I already had blubber around my belly before the pregnancy. So now, that blubber bulge is just more obvious. Because of that, I needed to get more clothes.

I’m not a jeans person. My jeans are always too tight in the front and too loose in the back. So I have only 2 pairs I wear to work. Same applies to shorts. So when my bulge got slight bigger, I started unbuttoning the button on top. But when I sit down, it’s still really tight. I didn’t like the feeling, especially since my nausea and bloated-ness has not subsided. The only other clothes I have are skirts that hang on my waist, and dresses that are getting a little too tight.

So mom brought me to this really cool brand and got me some loose fitting dresses. Gosh what a breeze it is to wear them. Nothing tight around me to make me feel even more like puking. I don’t know how you women who still wear normal hot pants and jeans do it. When I was out, I saw so many pregnant women them. I admire you. I really don’t like the feeling of anything hugging me around my belly. It just makes me feel even more bloated.

I needed to get more bras too. Not only because I’m growing, but also because the little doggie has bitten the last few of my bra straps. My wardrobe door is a sliding one. So when he’s in my room and I’m asleep, he’d use his nose to slide open the door and bite whatever he can. Oh well… I cannot be the only one with a bra-biting dog.

My appetite is still bad. I love food but I can’t eat much. I guess it’s good, if not I’d be growing to big too fast, I wouldn’t be able to stop myself. 🙂

Emotional Changes

Nothing much happened of late that made me weepy, or upset. I’m still the same annoying anti-social, cynical little brat that I was before pregnancy. I guess it helps that hubby has been doing his best to accompany me for lunch every workday and bringing me home early so I can rest. If not, by the middle of the work day, my eyes would be tired and droopy and I’d be really grumpy. He’s also been helping me walk the little dog more. So that’s one huge thing off my daily routine.


We have been having a lot of guests lately. Relatives, mostly. I won’t lie. I’m very selective of the people I want to hang out with. It may seem very snobbish. But it’s just that I only feel comfortable with a few people. I don’t do well in social events and may seem a bit of a stuck up. So when mommy and daddy said that we will be expecting more relatives over, I wasn’t too happy. Honestly, all I want to do is sleep, eat, and vomit in peace. To come home to a quite little place where I can shut everything out. Ok ok. You got me. What I really don’t like are difficult house guests. (or maybe I just really enjoy being alone) But I guess that’s what life is about. You can’t always only deal with things you like. There’s another lesson for you, baby Tarn. I hope you don’t pick up my cynicism. 🙂

There is one guest I am looking forward to having though. I haven’t seen my sis in a while and would love to have her over, if only for a week. But that will be another blog post for another time. 🙂


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