Taking Advice

The vomiting has lessen since the last I posted. But I’m not holding my breath. The last time I thought I was getting better, it got worse. On the bright side, I went to a wedding with hubby last night and I actually managed to eat without wanting to vomit. I saw a lot of parents with very young babies, one as young as 3 months. He was wailing inconsolably, but you can see that his mom was more than happy to be carrying him and trying to calm him down. 🙂

While talking to a few girl friends of mine, I realised that they all knew more about pregnancy than I do. While hubby and I have been trying for a baby for about a year before we got pregnant, I did not go all the way out and read up on pregnancy journeys. They all knew at which month you can tell the gender of the baby, which weeks the limbs will start to grow, when you’ll start feeling some kick, etc… all just digits and details really that I didn’t bother looking up.

I did get a baby book, but I only look it up when I am unsure of something or when I reach a certain week and want to know what I might be experiencing.

Mind you these girl friends of mine aren’t even pregnant yet. Kinda puts me to shame. I just want to enjoy being pregnant.

When you’re pregnant, people tell you all sorts of things too, like what you should and shouldn’t be eating. Especially the Chinese. We have this belief that you can’t eat foods that are too cooling i.e. watermelon, certain herbs, don’t drink cold water… Well I’m not one to follow such things and that might upset some elderly. They do mean well so I listen and nod when they tell me. But I still eat watermelons and pineapples and drink cold ribena. Mostly because they are actually foods with a lot of vitamins. And  ribena because I have been vomiting out water a lot; but the ribena seems to stay in.

I’ll probably be hearing more of what I should and shouldn’t be doing, especially when the baby comes out. I’m glad mom and hubby are around to tell remind me I don’t have to listen to all of them. I certainly will not refrain from showering after birth. One thing’s for sure, no one can make me do things I don’t want to do or not do the things I want.

Except for my hubby. He’s the sane one in this relationship.


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