Baby Tarn takes form

My hormones are everywhere these days. It’s making my already bad temper worse. One attribute I really hope baby Tarn doesn’t get. Chances are low though, since baby Tarn’s mommy, daddy and grandparents have bad temper. 😦

Just got back good results from my first trimester check up yesterday. Only down side was the wait in the clinic was so long. I’m glad hubby was there with me throughout. If not the nausea would have gotten the better of me and I’d go home grumpy and tired. Surprisingly, I managed to sum up the last of my strength for the day and walk our furkid with hubby after the check up. I don’t think I would have gotten this far without him.

I promised pictures, so here they are!

My 1st Trimester bump

My 1st Trimester bump

Baby Tarn!

Baby Tarn!

You can see our furkid behind me as I take a very bad picture of my bump. I don’t look pregnant, just a little plump. There are roadshow people who come up to hubby and I trying to get us to sign up for wedding packages! I guess I’m not glowing radiantly. haha

The ultrasound scan was so touching yesterday. We could see little baby Tarn stretch and move about in my little womb. I can’t believe I am growing something inside me. I wonder if I am squashing baby Tarn when I curl up when I sleep. But nonetheless, the baby looks so comfortable in that protective womb. I can’t wait to hold my baby in my arms..


The doctor said he should be able to tell us the gender of the baby on our next appointment. I’m so excited! I can finally start thinking of room decor, baby clothes, get fixed on names… In the mean time, while I have not vomited for a few days, I still feel very nauseated. And to add to that, the exhaustion has returned. I almost forgot how tired I felt at the start of my pregnancy until these past few days where I honestly do not feel like leaving the bed. Maybe it was because previously I had to actually get out of bed to go to the toilet to vomit. While vomiting tired me out, I was not as exhausted as I feel now.

We have another house guest coming next week and then I’ll be home alone for a while. The best times of my day is spent snuggling up to hubby and my furkid. Soon, it will be with baby Tarn too!




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