Craving Satisfied

I was still feeling rather nauseated and vomited a little after my last post. But the past few days have been good. My appetite comes and goes. So on a good day like yesterday, hubby decided to treat me to a sukiyaki steamboat dinner. It was a long time coming too; I have been craving for it since I got pregnant and haven’t been able to eat it because of my bloated-ness, lack of appetite, vomiting… you get the idea.

Sukiyaki Dinner

Sukiyaki Dinner


Ever since my appetite came back, I have been craving for all the unhealthy food. Actually throughout the pregnancy, the only foods that do not make me feel like regurgitating it out are those unhealthy ones. Cereals, noodles, fish… all made me feel pukey. But Mos Burger, McDonald’s hash browns and pancakes, wedges… I never vomited them out. This is a very unhealthy baby. πŸ™‚

My baby bump has become slightly more obvious. It is getting harder to conceal it.

15-week baby bump

15-week baby bump

Not that I want to. πŸ™‚ But now that my appetite is back, I want to make sure I don’t overeat. And that I eat healthy. Funny that I’m saying that while sipping on a can of A&W. To be fair, it is my first in many many years. Like I said, this baby’s cravings are weird.

new addition to my Stitch collection

new addition to my Stitch collection


Hubby bought me 2 new Stitch collectables. I like the one on the left because it is Stitch in his natural appearance – alien suit, 6 limbs and mischievous expression. The other is also from a memorable scene where stitch was in the woods and is reading a book about a mother and her ducklings and he’s waiting for his family to come. Many Disney movies have great life lessons. But I think the one that Lilo and Stitch teaches touches me the most. I really hope Baby Tarn likes Lilo and Stitch too. Well he/she is going to, since all my stitch collectables are going to be decorating his/her room soon.



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