Christmas Came Early In The Form of A 5ft Radiographer

In the past few weeks, many things have been going on. Mostly my growing excitement for the coming Christmas. But more importantly my sister’s visit.

It was a short trip so we didn’t want to waste any time eating and shopping an eating again. The shopping streets and stores are littered with many beautiful Christmas decorations, putting us in the mood for snow and gifts and fun and laughter. But underneath, I always have a sense that all these will come to pass so I must really treasure and remember every moment. 🙂


Ngee Ann City’s enormous Tiffany sponsored Christmas tree.


Me in one of the Christmas decorations – a fake London telephone booth – along Orchard Road.

Mom and sister, and even dad, bought many things this trip. This season’s clothes are all so lovely! But because of my bulging tummy, I can’t fit into any. My mom says my tummy is bigger than hers when she was pregnant back then. I guess I am starting to put on weight, especially now that my appetite is really back and that I am no more vomiting.

Going out with my sister these few days made me look at myself in the mirror and I wasn’t happy with what I saw. My double chin, my arms, my hair… I’m letting it grow out and it is at an awkward length so be kind with me about that. The one thing I am grateful for with regard to my looks is that my pimples have stopped coming out. I can’t remember the last time I did not have pimples. Way before my teenage years… You have no idea what it feels like to move my hands over my face and not feel any painful little bumps.

Here’s another unglamorous picture of my baby belly.


This is one of the few healthy meals we had.


Then again sis and I ordered some cheesy stuff. So I guess it wasn’t that healthy after all.

We tried a new restaurant too. Every time sis is over we tend to do that. The restaurant was too dark for me to take any pictures with my phone so I can’t share any of the food we tasted. But this meal was different; it was to celebrate sis’s birthday. We have not celebrated a birthday together in a while. And although my brother-in-law wasn’t here, he did make his presence known.


He sent my sister flowers, which wasn’t too surprising. He’s romantic and thoughtful that way. 🙂

Sis also made friends with our furkid and took this awesomely cute picture of him.


They have met each other before but that was almost a year back. This time, he really warmed up to her. Woke her up every morning, snuggled up against her on her bed and even tried to lick her multiple times.

Sis is back and I miss her and the familiar family togetherness we have always felt when we were younger. Each time she comes she brings laughter and happiness to all at home. And each time she leaves that feeling lingers. This time it was a short trip. I’m hoping the next time she comes it will be longer. 🙂

Until then, I’m looking forward to spending more time with hubby this Christmas and new year. Waking up knowing that hubby is going to be by my side all day is just heaven.