Year-end Get-togethers

The year end is always a busy one for most people; traveling to meet up with relatives we don’t usually get to meet, a lot of preparations, driving to new places to try out new restaurants.

This year we celebrated Christmas early, on the weekend before, as most people needed to get back to work. Hubby and I put our furkid in this new pet hotel where you get to see your furkid on camera 24/7. It was good. But the pick up and drop off hours are so limiting that it restricted our movements. Driving up to my cousin’s place and back again needed to be planned around the pet hotel’s timing. And it is hard to plan a long drive, especially with traffic.


Anyway, we managed to somehow miss all the heavy traffic and we got there on time. This year we bought Christmas hair bands to make our yearly family pictures more interesting and fun. Even jasper, my sister’s dog, joined in the fun from miles away. 🙂


While the celebration was warm and fun, hubby and I were glad to have our furkid back with us. And from the smile on this little guy’s face! I think we weren’t the only ones.


It just didn’t make sense to celebrate Christmas together and not New Year’s since they are so close together. But for that, my cousins came down instead, and the furkid got to play with them too!

It’s nice to have a little one around who’s always smiling and wagging his tail, even when the weather cuts his walks short or my dad scolds him for tearing up the newspaper. Nothing gets him down.

I didn’t take a picture of the dinner my mom made for all of us but this is close.


What is missing in the picture is the honey chicken wings and a whole lot more servings. All these get-together and fun makes me wonder if baby Tarn is going to have as many cousins to play and grow up as like I did. Oh well… I’ll just have to give her a playmate a couple of years later if I can. 🙂

I am very fortunate to be able to grow up and stay close with the my cousins despite the frequency of our meet ups and the distance. I guess that’s one thing I should thank technology for. I’m hoping baby Tarn will be able to get close to her aunts, uncles and godmother who are far away too. There’s always FaceTime, whatspp and if all fails, good ol’ snail mail, which still remains my favourite form of keeping in touch. 🙂

That’s all for now. Until Lunar New Year, that is. Goodness, what a busy few weeks! Oh, mom has put up the flowers for the new year! But I guess a picture of that will have to wait till the next update. 🙂


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