Baby Tarn’s Godsister!

Recently I have been an emotional wreck. I can’t help myself from sobbing like how I did at the end of Titanic after I watched this commercial about how a man’s pet horse remembered him even after he left him for a few years. It was a freaking commercial! I guess I was thinking about our furkid.

My sleep is getting more interrupted as I have to wake up every few hours to pee. I’m having the usual leg cramps. I’ve put on about 7kg since I stopped vomiting. Speaking of which, I am eating more than hubby. And now that Chinese new year is around the corner, and tidbits are flowing in like a free buffet, I just can’t help myself.

Anyway, is has been 2 days of fun meet ups. Hubby managed to meet up with his bestie, whose wife is also pregnant the same number of weeks as I, give or take a few days. And I managed to meet up with my own bestie!

Baby Issy, Mama Sim and I

Baby Issy, Mama Sim and I

I finally got to meet my god daughter for the first time since she was born. And coincidentally, baby Tarn is also due around the same time as Issy’s birthday and Steph’s birthday. In the future, end of April and beginning of May is going to be a period of full on celebration. My mother in law and my dad’s birthday fall around that period too!

The hugs and baby gifts aside, it was lovely to meet up with an old friend who lives miles away. And I am ever so grateful that we have managed to keep our friendship going strong until now. I’m looking forward to next year when we can bring both our babies out together. 🙂 I hope I look as stunning as her by then. She doesn’t even have any of her pregnancy weight left! If only all women were this lucky!

I’ve been reading up and watching videos on baby care. I’ve been thinking a lot about how i want my own Tarn family to be. The only conclusion I have come to is that you can only prepare yourself so much. I hope baby Tarn grows up in a loving and united family. Mommy and daddy has lots of work to do.



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