Waiting For My Sailor

I feel fat these days. A lot of people around me are saying I’m fat, like that is a good or an appropriate thing to say to a heavily pregnant woman. Why do people even use that word. Honestly I feel so fat that I avoid meeting people.

In the famous words of Schmidt from New Girl, don’t pretend to know my pain; you don’t know my pain. (Exits room dramatically)

Moving on to livelier things, we managed to wash all of baby Tarn’s clothes today. I thought she didn’t have enough, until we put her clothes into the washing machine and realized it was a full load – a full load in an 8.5kg washing machine.


Like most moms I’m sure, I felt a sense of eagerness and anxiety folding the clothes. Nonetheless, I can’t wait for her arrival. Even the little furkid lay down beside us to watch over the clothes as we hung them out.


The third trimester so far has been alright. I feel tired, but not exhausted like the first trimester. I have to take afternoon naps, like before. But when I’m awake, I feel energized. I do housework, I am back to doing art and craft and I’m enjoying my walks with our furkid – helps me with my daily exercise.

Here’s a little something I made while I wasn’t on one of my naps.


My mood has been a little erratic. I get ticked off easily, although I still have been able to keep it to myself. I’ve been accidentally dropping a lot of stuff, from fruits to clothes pegs. When I wash the dishes I have to keep reminding myself to be extra careful.

I’ve also been a lot more unsociable. I’ve always been unsociable, since so many things tick me off. Hubby is the only one who can stand me. Now that he’s away for work, I can’t help but miss him terribly. His absence always reminds me of all the things in him I am appreciative of. Not that I’m not appreciative of it when he is around. It’s just that life is so much more bearable and meaningful with him by my side. All those things that turn me into a petty, short tempered person just don’t seem to matter when he’s around.

Come home safely. Your fur kid, baby Tarn and I miss you terribly.

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