Baby’s First Bed

The weekend came and went by so quickly. Hubby had been away for work for a week and this past weekend was the weekend he was to return. We had been looking forward to it not only because of his return (we had known about this work trip for months and I had been dreading it), but also because the baby stuff we bought will finally be delivered.

Some people laughed at me for getting my stuff early. But it would surprise you that we actually bought some of these stuff last month and they were only able to be deliver them this weekend. Some of the stock was not available. We were also worried that when the stock arrived, it might need replacement or exchange. To have some buffer time is good.

Of course there are still some things that we need to get, like the very important baby car seat. But we had a good time fixing up Baby Tarn’s cot and the stroller we now call the Jaguar. haha!

Over the next few weeks, I’ll slowly wash her bed sheets too (another good reason to buy stuff early).


Pregnancy wise, things are more or less what is expected. I am slowly increasing weight, but within the normal range of what is expected. Although I am not too pleased about it, there is not much I can do. I also have this constant pain of the right side of my hip down to my right leg. Apparently it is because the baby is resting against a nerve. I can’t move an inch without feeling pain – can’t lift my legs when I bath, can’t walk, can’ change out of my clothes, can’t sit down and get up, without feeling that sharp pain down from my hip. It’s very unpleasant.

I’ve also been very tired and moody.

When I go for check ups and when I see other pregnant women around who do not seem to have problems moving about, or do not seem to have put on as much weigh as I have, I feel a tinge of envy and sadness. It doesn’t only affect me, it affects the people around me and that makes things worse. I don’t want my moodiness to affect hubby, especially since he has a lot on his mind about work. These are moments where I just want to tangle myself in my blanket with our little furkid and take a nap to forget about everything.

But then I’m reminded by the tragedy that is MH370 and I feel selfish. Other people out there are suffering while I dwell in my petty misfortunes. I ought to snap out of it and buck up. Never for once do I want to take a day I have here on earth with my loved ones for granted. Everyday is a gift and I thank God for that. And every night when I close my eyes to say my prayers but words seem to fail me, I trust that He knows how I feel and hears me nonetheless.

This pregnancy journey has taught me many things. Talk less and listen more, frown less and smile more, take less and give more, understanding, patience, mutual respect, amongst other things. I’m sure motherhood will bring me many more life lessons and I’m sure baby Tarn will have a thing or 2 (or much more) to teach me too.

I am excited to begin this journey with hubby – I guess I already have.


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