Me Wants … Junk Food and Makeup!

How has everyone’s weekend been so far? Mine has been … greedy. Haha! At this rate, I will not be able to lose my pregnancy weight! I blame hubby for spoiling me with so much goodies. Even our furkid can’t resist! Here’s a new segment I’d like to introduce to my blog: Me Wants – featuring none other than the furkid himself.


-2He knows where these junk food are. He’ll go where we keep it, sit there patiently until you notice him. When you do, he’ll look at you, look at the food, look at you… Goodness. If you don’t keep a watch out on your food, he will eat it if he can reach it! The best is once, he ate the You Tiao I left on my bay window. Not healthy at all. Tsk Tsk Tsk…


Anyway, Saturday started out awesome!! On Friday after we got home from our weekly dinner with the in laws, I found a package waiting for me. And it is the makeup swap parcel I’ve been waiting for all week! We decided to get each other 2 high end and 2 drugstore makeup products on a budget of 120. I’m so happy I got to make use of the Great Singapore Sale so I can get Godma Sim the products I’ve always wanted to get her!

Anyway we decided to open it together. We even made sure we sent it out on the same day so that we’ll receive roughly the same time too. Who knew we’d actually receive them on the same day!! Oh my gosh oh my gosh, I tell you, I can’t wait to try them all out!!


We even got each other almost the same products, especially the Benefit Makeup set! Interestingly enough I did not see this set at the Sephora outlet where I got her her Benefit Makeup set. So imagine if this set were available, I might have gotten it for her and we’d end up with the same thing! haha!

Alrighty! Time to walk the dog! Have a lovely weekend everyone! I’m pretty sure many of you will be totally zoned out on Monday after the World Cup finals. šŸ˜‰


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