Life With Good Company

With what has happened only yesterday – the MH17 tragedy – it’s hard not to feel how delicate life is. Even to create life is difficult enough. Perhaps that is why some view it as a miracle.

As I sit in front of my computer, downing a few pieces of crackers slathered with nutella – not to make light of things but I am hungry – I am once again reminded of all the wonderful things in my life and how important it is to embrace it. And how I choose to embrace is it to smile more, laugh more, and exercise patience. It is important to live while you can.

Speaking of which, Aurora and the furkid has had a lot of time to bond lately. It seems that the 2 of them have been sharing secrets that they do not want to me to know of.


Just look at those 2 having a moment.

We want furkid to know that Aurora is part of our family now, and that this family includes him as well. While some of his behaviour is still not child-appropriate – like any animal dogs can get a little rough when provoked or excited – we want him to learn to be gentle towards her. So we let them interact and get comfortable with each other, let them make friends. It is important for furkid to know that he is still as much part of the family as he was before Aurora arrived, just as it is important for Aurora to learn how to treat furkid and all animals with respect.

Furkid is very friendly – some would find him overly friendly – and gentle to begin with. He is very child-like himself. And he is already quite comfortable around Aurora since the first day she arrived. We were careful not to push or scare him away, overreact or discourage him when he gets close to Aurora. That might make him resent Aurora or feel like he isn’t part of our family anymore.

So at times when I’m alone, like when I’m in the shower, I feel safe leaving him in the room with Aurora, if only for that few minutes. At times when Aurora cries and I am a little slow in going to comfort her, furkid would go to her first, which touches me. It reminds me of how he was towards me during my first trimester when I was all nauseated and vomiting, how he’d sit with me by the toilet bowl.

He truly is a wonderful furkid. 🙂


Before I finish for the night, I wanted to share with you this pair of lovely booties that Godma Sim sent over for Aurora together with our makeup swap last week.


Issy even had the same pair when she was little. 🙂 I can’t wait for the opportunity to put these lovelies onto Aurora’s tiny feet.


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