BBQ Weekend

Sometimes I think to myself if I’m going to be a mother that Aurora will be proud of. I don’t think it is a very Chinese tradition thing to think about. We mostly worry whether our kids will make us proud, not the other way around. But it is as important to me. I think back on my days as a teenager where I was really out of control. Then I think about the mistakes I’ve done. I worry what I did will reflect on her, as will what I do now.

I guess in the end it’s like what hubby says, the only thing I can do is to be the best mom I can be for her. We can’t predict the rest.


Some of our friends came over for a BBQ last weekend. It was Aurora’s and furkid’s first BBQ. I was so proud of furkid. He stayed with us at the pit unleashed and didn’t run away. But he did torture us with those sad puppy dog eyes, asking for food. Poor guy didn’t get any. haha!


Aurora had a fun time with uncle Zaw Oo and Uncle Alvin. But poor uncle Zaw Oo had Aurora’s milk spill on his pants. >.< She even gave a cheeky smile after she spat on him. haha. Oh well. She’s telling him don’t you forget me!

Over the past week, hubby and I got to be alone as a family as mom and dad went away on a holiday. It was nice, just the 4 of us, together. I got to breastfeed in the living room, walk around in spaghetti strap (the weather is really hot. I sweat just doing nothing), cook, watch more TV… basically just be a little bit free.

When you live with others you got to have boundaries. So it was nice to just relax for a while. I even got to wear the super cute pajama shorts that Steph got for me, which was a little too short to be wearing around my dad. haha


Aurora really likes furkid. Usually she’d smile at anyone who pays her attention. But when furkid is around, her eyes would actually follow hims movement and she would smile continuously. Furkid is getting too licky with her, though. I have to stop him from licking her too much. Although it is a good sign, cos the way he does it is as though he’s accepted her. But you want him to know some boundaries too. He can lick her all he wants when she’s much older, if she lets him. 🙂


I’ve been dropping the ball recently. Or perhaps I have been for a while and just only am beginning to realise it. Perhaps I’m not as strong or as capable as I thought I was. I’m beginning to realise a lot of things about myself that I don’t like. I blame facebook. I guess it’s time to up my game. After I have comforted myself with a bowl of KoKoKrunch.


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