Morning Smiles Are The Best

It’s tough enough being a parent without people thrusting their opinions at you. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that some of them are done out of concern. Especially when the tone is condescending and may come off as a little patronizing. And for someone like me, who can be rather difficult, I sometimes take it offensively and take a while to let it go. Talking to hubby about it helps. And waking up to beautiful smiling faces every morning is definitely the best remedy. šŸ™‚


Seeing furkid around Aurora just gives me a warm feeling in my heart. It’s nice to know that he too watches over her. I’m waiting for the time Aurora can engage with furkid as well. Sometimes I see furkid giving Aurora his paw. He does that to us when he wants to engage with us, be it to play with him, pat him, or simple give him some attention. So I think he does that to her to try to engage with her but she isn’t at an age where she knows how to respond to him yet. Although, she does smile when he’s near. Then again, she smiles whenever someone is near and pays her attention. šŸ™‚

A few days ago, Aurora started wailing inconsolably from the afternoon till about 10 at night, only stopping for about half an hour each time to sleep from crying too much. She must have had a terrible discomfort as the day before I had a very bad tummy ache too. Or perhaps she has gas. No matter what we did, we couldn’t comfort her. Although it wasn’t much to worry about, her cries just broke our hearts. We could do nothing but carry her around over our shoulder and wait it out.

This came after many many days of hubby and I being sick. We both have been coughing terribly. To top that off, we’ve had slight fever that lasted a few days. I even went to the doctor twice. The cough was so bad it made me vomit, reminding me of my first trimester. Funnily enough, the doctor said that both our sickness were different. His was a throat infection while mine was the common flu. The draggy illness made us feel so lethargic for a while. I think hubby has it worse. He hasn’t been having enough sleep because of work, so he can’t fully recover.

I was glad that Aurora and my parents didn’t catch it. But when she started wailing inconsolably, making me feel so helpless, I just couldn’t contain myself. She cried until her eyes were swollen. The wonder about her is that in between her cries, she still manages to smile for us when we played with her. Even furkid got a little worried.

Luckily she woke up the next day back to normal. And I woke up being more wary of what I eat. The thing is you can never know. I didn’t eat anything different from what I ate from when I was pregnant.

I’m just glad she’s better now. It makes me wonder how I’m going to handle situations in the future where she injure herself or falls sick. The thought of it just makes me sad. I pray I have the strength to weather such storms. But we’ll cross that bridge when it presents itself. In the meantime, I’m reminded to be grateful for every smile and laughter and joy.


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