The Problem With The Pram…

A week or so back I saw an article in the papers about parents misusing their strollers. I was slightly offended as the picture that accompanied the story was of the Stokke stroller we got for Aurora. But I decided to give it a read anyhow before I jumped to any conclusions.

While I agreed with some of the points made – I myself do sometimes see parents misusing strollers – most of us aren’t the parents described in the article. And I was glad to come across this post written by a fellow parent to defend us.

Every point she made was just how I felt as a new parent. From choosing a stroller, to using the stroller to place our bags instead of our kid… Honestly, sometimes we don’t mean to. It’s just that the kid might need some soothing. So if I were to carry Aurora, then I would have to place my bags somewhere. It just makes sense that way.

I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to the person who wrote that post. Really. It’s not like we set out everyday to inconvenience other people. In fact, we try our best to do just the opposite. Do you think we really want to push our strollers up and down the escalator? The lifts are always packed! And people usually give us the side eye when they see us waiting for the lift with a huge stroller. Not to mention how they rush in first, leaving us no choice but to use the escalator.

Honestly, people, we just need to be more kind and understanding towards each other.