Caterpillar Baby

Things have settled down a bit. Aurora has not been having inconsolable cries anymore. (I’m keeping my fingers crossed.) But she still requires a lot of attention. She refuses to sit and play on her own and needs someone to carry her around all the time. She’s awake most of the day so that can be tiring.

Also, she has started to recognize people. And she only wants to be carried by people she’s familiar with. >.<” Here’s our week so far in pictures.

caterpillar-crawling with grandpa

caterpillar-crawling with grandpa




reading with ah pa


definitely daddy’s little girl


He makes her smile 🙂


We are all eagerly awaiting this friday! Hopefully all goes well! 😀


Boss in Bibs


Guess who came to visit? Uncle Me-car! Look at that proud uncle with his cheeky niece! I must say I really am very very touched to have him over. He actually specially took time out from his transit back home to stay over for one night just to see his little bubbly niece. I really feel very grateful to have such loved ones around. 🙂 He even got her a doll of the Princess Aurora despite me telling him MULTIPLE times she is named after the northern lights, not the princess. haha Oh well. Uncle me-car is a sucker for all girly things. And it is a very beautiful doll; as big as Aurora herself now!

On rare occasions, pa will send me the photos he takes. He takes a lot of wonderful photos. But they are all held hostage in his computer. Haha. This time he managed to send them to me. So the ones above are taken by him. They are awesome.

There are a few more. When I get the chance I will share them with you.


Over the weekend we went to visit hubby’s friend’s place. Well they are my friends too haha! I didn’t get to take a picture of Ishani, their baby girl. But she is absolutely beautiful. She has the largest eyes! And the sweetest voice. I did manage to take a picture of their dog, brownie. He’s so cute and small. And fierce! Haha! But I was so happy to find someone who feels the same way about dogs around children. 🙂

Here’s another picture of Aurora at their place, behaving like a boss. Haha!

collage_20140907210037897Boss in Bibs! Haha! She’s got a wonderful smile, but she looks very fierce when she doesn’t smile. And with one arm on the sofa, she sure looks like a boss. 😛


My Little Biter


Aurora has been into biting stuff for a while. It was her hands first. But we didn’t want her to get into that habit so we tried introducing teething toys, soft toys and even pacifier. But she still prefers her hands. Haha! Oh well.. we shall see how it goes.

It has been a tough few weeks without hubby. I have had a cough and cold for a while, followed by a week long of hives, which was pretty scary. Imagine waking up to swollen legs. My whole legs felt like a thousand ants were crawling all over them. The worst thing was when I saw the doctor, he only offered me meds that meant I couldn’t breastfeed.

Luckily we did some research and decided not to take them. But that meant that I had to ride it out for the week until whatever I was allergic to was out of my system. I had it easy though. There are women who have to go through hives for months on end.

Aurora has also been crying inconsolably and for a few days consecutively. Plus, she is a very light sleeper during the day. So any interrupted sleep during the day would mean that she’d be fussy for a while and cry terribly. The worst was when we had to go to my in laws’ one weekend. She fell asleep right as we were about to leave. So she got woken up when we had to bring her to the car. Then she fell asleep just as we reached. So she got woken up when we had to take her out of the car. Then at my in laws’ she couldn’t get her sleep as she was crying so much. She cried until her next feeding time. Then after that we had to burp her. As she’s a spitter, she takes a while to burp and after that for an hour or so she’s still keep spitting. No sleep then still. When we left, she was awake, but she fell asleep in the car. So she got woken up again when we reached home.

I don’t blame her for being upset. I would too if my sleep was interrupted so many times. It took her a long time before she finally fell asleep for the night. After a lot of work from hubby’s magic arms. Haha! She always finds it easier to sleep when daddy carries her.

collage_20140828141510059No matter how bad things get, though, all I have to do is look at this face and I feel much better. What’s best is when Aurora and furkid are together.


To be honest, it’s not easy. A lot of patience is needed when training furkid to be gentle towards Aurora. But when I see them together, and Aurora smiling and laughing when she sees furkid, I know it’s worth it. I’m just grateful that they are fond of each other. 🙂