September Has Ended

September has been a month of gathering and celebrations. It has also been a month of ups and downs. But no matter what, I just take a look at my family and I feel so much better.


Firstly, we celebrated my first birthday as a mom at Amara Sanctuary Sentosa. It was a lovely break. The room was awesome, the food was great and I had 2 and a half days of doing nothing but sleeping in, eating in and walking around beautiful Sentosa. Aurora had a great time with papa in the tub and also enjoyed looking at the jellyfishes at SEA aquarium.

Hubby is my umbrella, my shield, my pillar, my punching bag and my better half. He is the better half, despite what others might think. Thank you for the lovely birthday gift.

Only thing was we really missed the furkid. If I could, I’d bring him everywhere we go.


Another highlight of my month was meeting Steph, Aurora’s godma. Honestly, it was so touching to see Issy kiss and sayang Aurora. I feel so blessed that even though you are miles apart, you still remain a major part of my life and influences. I love you, my bestie. Words can’t express enough how I feel. 🙂

I’m really sorry you had to travel so much to see us. But not to worry, I’ll do the traveling next 😛


Aurora has started to pick things up and learn from them. So I started taking pictures “from Aurora’s point of view”. It truly is a joy to watch her grow. I’m glad I’m slowly learning to understand her and respond appropriately. I remember it took us a while and a lot of patience to understand furkid too. The 2 are slowly becoming great pals.


I mean really, who can say no to this smile.


Well, there are times when a ‘no’ is called for, though.

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