I Know A Girl, She Puts The Colours Inside of My World

I’ve been having a hard time with Aurora’s meals and sleeping lately. (A huge thanks to Godma Sim for all the support and help.) Aurora has always had trouble sleeping ever since she was an infant. I remember when she used to feed every 2 hours, she’d still only sleep 15 minutes each time. I could hardly get anything done. And as her nap time drew farther apart, she started to sleep later and later. Come to think of it, she has always slept late. Most nights she wouldn’t sleep before midnight.

I tried many things, turning off the lights, playing baby songs, playing disney movies, reading.. And when I wanted to get her on a schedule, she’d just make a fuss if she wasn’t ready to sleep. And because her meals are usually affected and dependent on her sleep timings, her meal times aren’t always on schedule either.

It took a lot of tweaking, and still does. It makes it hard for me to plan my day. It also makes me worry a lot, thinking whole day whether it’s a good time to feed her. If I feed her too early, she won’t eat. If I wait till she’s hungry, she’ll just keep crying until I’m done preparing her food.

But I am having fun trying to introduce to her new food and different food combinations. There’s so many recipes and things I wish to try once I get to use my own kitchen. I can’t wait! Things are going to be so different…


Every time we go out, I try to get a picture of the hubs carrying Aurora. They just look so adorable together. And I thought a collage of the pictures would be something hubby would like. 🙂

Here’s to all the dedicated fathers in the world. And in the words of my teenage idol John Mayer, “Daughters will love like you (fathers) do.”