The House Is Now A Home

Having been absent from this blog for a while, I know I have a lot to post about. Firstly and most importantly, we have finally moved into our own little nest! Thinking back on all the packing and designing, I feel really grateful to have had so much help.

Firstly I want to thank Pebbletree Designs for all the designing help! Honestly, we couldn’t think of any 2 better interior designers to work with. Just make the whole process so much fun, which is what moving in to your own home should be. Really. We could not thank you enough.

Also, I need to thank my parents and godparents and friends who happily helped out. All that heavy lifting while I took care of my 2 babies. Honestly, I got the better end of the deal. 🙂

And lastly, for my hubby, who designed the whole place to my liking, not compromising one bit of detail. The house would not be the home it is now if not for you.


So let’s go from up to down, left to right.

That is the uniquely design shelves in our living room. You can see the living room better in the picture below. Hubby and I combined, we have lots and lots of books. Take it from a literature student and a man who spends most of his nights reading.

Then there’s the bomb shelter door. Every flat in singapore has one. We didn’t want to spend a lot to conceal it. As you can imagine, it doesn’t look very nice. So I got this cute doggie decal from Etsy. And when sis came, she helped me put it up with much precision. haha

And of course this super expensive but working vintage phone, which we actually use, I might add. Also a very convenient coin box.

On to the centre column. That is the shoe shelf that hubby insisted I have. Yes, because I am a shoe fanatic. haha! We used Ikea shelves and have our designer fix it up for us. And it is right in our bedroom open wardrobe. A whole wall of shoes… a thing of dreams for a girl like me. haha!

Yes, we have a fake grandfather’s clock, courtesy of Ikea. Again. I actually like this statement clock. Puts a little something into the living room.

The top 2 pictures on the right are of my kitchen. Kudos to Pebbletree designs again for the colourful cabinet doors!

The 3rd picture is Aurora’s room, which she is seldom in. If you can spot it, there’s a night light that looks like a dog. Haha. Couldn’t help it, we needed to get it.

And lastly, a picture of Aurora in her play area in the living room. Best Idea Ever. Furkid, Aurora and I will spend most of our time during the day there, just throwing her books and toys around. Yes, now she’s into making me read and re-read her little miss and mr. men books. But of course there’s Dr. Suess too, which I rather prefer. Oh those rhymes!

There are actually a lot of small details that make me love our place so much. When I have the time, I’ll take some pictures and share them with you. They are affordable things you can do to your place that totally brings colour to it. Also makes me happy when I see them. Haha! Like decals, and door knobs, and lights, and curtains…

Anyways, on to Aurora updates.

There’s no talking about her without taking about furkid. She follows him wherever he goes and sometimes it tires him out. Poor fellow. He use to jump onto our bed to get some peace. But now that she knows how to climb onto the bed, he has to look to me for help.

That’s not to say they aren’t enjoying each others’ company.

PhotoGrid_1429332769783 PhotoGrid_1429333254524 PhotoGrid_1429333443929

These 2 are thick as thieves. When ever I remove her toy from furkid, she’d take it from me and give it back to him. She loves to feed him her food too. Oh well, the good thing is that she’s sharing and he’s caring. 🙂

One thought on “The House Is Now A Home

  1. Omgosh! What an amazing house design! What can I say! My very talented godmagan! 🙂 I love the collage pictures of when Aurora was a new born with PT all the way till today! So beautiful!

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