Time For Celebrations

Since I last posted, we had celebrations, meet ups and stay overs. Aurora has had so much fun the past few months!. First, we celebrated my dad’s birthday, then Aurora’s then my mother in law’s.


Here she still doesn’t enjoy being carried by others. But in just a month or so, that changed. She now asks to be carried and then she’ll start ordering you around, pointing you to the direction she wants you to go. Such a lady boss. 🙂


For her birthday, we brought her to the zoo. Because her birthday is also a public holiday, the zoo was packed. Aurora was not too amused, I must say. We were home by lunch. But we had homemade cookies with chocolate and rainbow coloured sprinkles. For the tradition of candle blowing, we got her an egg-less cake.

Hubby helped with the cookies! 🙂 And furkid even got to taste a bit of the cake. It was a lovely, sweet, family affair. 🙂


I’m glad hubby made us go on our first overseas holiday to Melbourne with Aurora. I was very apprehensive, as always. Baby on the plane. Dog with my parents. I was not only afraid of how Aurora would react, I was also afraid of how my mom’s neighbours would take to furkid going back there, since now they have a baby of their own. I was afraid furkid might bark too much.

But mom told me that furkid did well for the short time there. So I was glad.

Aurora did well too! At first in the waiting area, she cried so badly, everyone was staring at me. Luckily the moment we boarded the plane, she fell asleep for the whole flight. Thank goodness for allowing parents with kids to board the plane first! And thank goodness for all the wonderful flight attendants. Yay for Singapore Airlines! haha

Over there, she finally got to meet da yi zhang! She took over the whole place, from the dog, jasper’s, bed, to TV time. Everyone had to watch Cinderella with her on the last night we were there.

But I must say she really took well to the weather. The first 2 days I had really bad body ache and cold shivers, while Aurora still wanted to go about the house naked!

She also really likes Jasper, and I’m so glad Jasper felt the same way! See how he slept next to her on the mattress. 🙂 Dogs and babies are a-ma-zing.

It was a short trip but it was wonderful, staying with my sis, watching them go about their day, being part of their lives in such close proximity again is just.. so warm and homely.

One of the highlights of the trip is that we got to meet Godma Sim!


I haven’t got the pictures from Uncle Meka so I stole some from Godma Sim. haha. Thank you Issy for being so nice to your Godsis, not shying away when Aurora hugs and kisses you. I absolutely love that pic where Godma Sim carries both the kids! Soon, Godma Sim. Soon. haha!! And you can see that even though they are 1 year apart, Aurora is almost the same size as Issy. In fact, they are about the same weight! Haha.

It was good to return the favour; Godma Sim has always been the one coming over, it’s about time we went to her instead. 🙂 Again, credit goes to hubby for convincing me to go. Haha. And thanks to Godma Sim for driving all the way there to meet up. Also, thank you Issy, for interrupting your nap to come see us again. I know we didn’t get to bond much this trip. You’re shy, I’m awkward. But I am always here if you need me ok? And if you like the Klutz book I got you, just let me know and I’ll definitely get you more!

Time moves too quickly. Aurora is 1. Its June already. And soon I’ll be planning christmas and putting up the tree. At least this year, I hope there will be one. 🙂


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