My Perfectly Imperfect Life

I never thought I’d feel the pressure brought about by social media. But I do. And I don’t want to. Neither do I want other people to feel that way too. So I wanted to share with you moments in my life that aren’t perfect, unlike what information on social media tend to portray.


Messy Messy Messy!

My place is in a constant mess. If Aurora isn’t taking out her books from her shelf, she is clearing out my kitchen cabinets. I’ve learned to clear as I go throughout the day. I can keep the same things more than 3 times in one day. But to be honest I like my place the way it is. Messy means an active home. 🙂

Also, when the furkid and Aurora plays too close to each other, he sometimes mistakes Aurora’s toys for his chew toy. And that’s how the Duplo piece ended up bitten. But it’s nice that Aurora doesn’t mind. In fact, most of the time, she is the one who gives furkid her toys and that’s how they end up bitten. Oh well. As long as they are sharing.


Baking Tragedy

My bakes NEVER turn out the way the pictures show they are suppose to. I mean look at those. Goodness. I feel tremendous pressure to perfect my baking, coming from a family who bakes. Between my mom and my sister, they can open a bakery. But to be honest, it’s mostly because my mom turns herself into a critic whenever she has a chance. It puts so much pressure on me that I’m most probably not going to bring over the mango cake I have baking in the oven right now because the edges are burnt. I can almost hear her say “oh it’s burnt!” or “It’s too sweet la“.

Yea I don’t need the extra stress in my life.


Mealtime Madness

Meal times are messy businesses. Seriously. I have avocado stains on my shirt, tomato sauce on my beanbags and brown sauce on my curtains. Aurora stained so many of her clothes, I’ve decided to feed her naked at home. Bibs only make the mess worse.

And yes, I do not have a traditional dining table. We sit on the floor, like in korean and Japanese drama. And yes, we do not have a high chair. So yes, she walks about during meal times. And we turn on the TV.

I’ve heard it all before. No TV during meal times. You need to teach her to sit still during meal times. No talking during meal times. (I know, right!)

You know what, I like it that Aurora talks baby talk when we eat together. I like sitting on my beanbag and have her smear food on my face. I don’t mind that she can take up to an hour sometimes to finish her meal. As long as she is eating, I’m happy.

Also, there is so much information and pressure about your baby eating healthy. No sugar. No oil. No water for infants. While it is important to stay healthy, I don’t mind the occasional chocolate cake (just a taste) and some biscuits. And maybe a lick of my ice cream. Ok maybe 10 licks. It’s not like I feed her fries for lunch every day.

People are always comparing how healthy their cooking and diet is. I used to feel so scared of what I cook for Aurora and so pressured to make sure my cooking was as healthy as can be.

Then, Aurora went through a period where she refused to eat anything I made her. Now, I just try to strive for a balanced diet. I don’t want to take away the fun of eating for her. Having said that, there are certain foods that babies can’t eat and foods that we shouldn’t give them too much. There is so much, way too much, information on the internet. What I find helpful is a good qualified book to go to. And a good pediatrician to consult. I guess what I’m saying is, we have to be cautious of what we feed our babies, but I don’t wan to go overboard.

And I’m happy to see her enjoy food. When she’s older, I don’t mind her doing some cooking for me, too!


Late Night TV

There are days where Aurora just can’t fall asleep. I think many times I have mentioned here that she’s always had problems sleeping ever since she was an infant. On some nights, she’d fall asleep and wake up an hour later and just can’t fall back to sleep. One particular night, she did that so many times that she herself got frustrated. She climbed out of bed, took my hand and led me to the TV. I knew immediately what she wanted.

Some nights, you just want to lie down and watch some mindless shows to make it easier to fall asleep. So there she was, watching some Dora. And half an hour later, we all went back to bed and had a good sleep. Well, for my and Aurora at least. I think poor hubby got kicked a lot that night.


So there you go. I don’t always follow all the parenting rules. My life isn’t perfect, like what social media would have me believe other people’s lives are. And sometimes I feel the pressure to be perfect, or at least perfect the way the internet defines it. So I guess this is my rebellious post against all that. And to remind myself that the ones who matter don’t mind and the ones who mind don’t matter.

And if you are wondering, yes, I brought the mango cake over in the end. And yes, mom did say it was too sweet. But who cares. Now I know I can bake a mango cake, and that’s what matters. 🙂 Just maybe, make a smaller portion so it doesn’t get burnt.

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